अचानक 4 बजे इस मशहूर अभिनेता के निधन से सदमे में आ गया पूरा बॉलीवुड

Yes, once again Bollywood was full of grief, this time, this time veteran actress Charu Rohatgi has died due to cardiac arrest.

We all know that death never comes by asking anybody, and for Bollywood, it seems that when death comes to you, no one is right, we are not saying this, but it seems to be happening from the events happening.

 According to the media, Charu had come to Cardiac arrest in the morning, after which he passed away. The reason for his sudden demise is that there was tension because he used to shoot till 3am "

He had said, 'I started my journey with the' Ladies Special 'of Sony TV. I also worked in Patiala House film