खुल गया माइकल जैक्सन के 45 डिग्री एंगल पर झुककर डांस करने का राज

Apart from pop star Michael Jackson's Moon Walk, there are many dance moves, which have the craze all over the world. Many of Michael's fans still strive to copy their dancing style. In particular, the music video "Smooth Criminal" in 1987, Michael Jackson's Anti-Gravity Move, in which he bends forward to a 45 degree angle, despite this his spinal cord is straight

According to doctors, Michael's dance move was a combination of both strict training and trick. According to Doctor Mohindra, Michael used to wear a special type of shoes, which had a slot in the heel. At the time of the performance, a block came out of the stage at some point in time, in which the Michael's shoes' heel slot was stuck and helped him bow down to 45 degrees. Although the doctors also say that with the help of the block, a common man can not move the dance