3 हजार साल तक एक नाले में छुपी रही ये बेशकीमती चीज, सामने आने पर खुले कई...

It is often seen that the park, road or path we see every day, inside it, the treasure of history is hidden and we do not even know. When this astonishing secret comes out, then it goes somewhere to realize how important this place is. Something similar was seen in Cairo's capital Cairo.There is a settlement in Cairo, Materia A gutter flows near this settlement. Some time ago Germany and Egypt explorers came here searching for things related to the old civilization. During his search, he found some things related to ancient civilization, he extended the scope of his search.

When nothing was found around the settlement, he was disappointed. But in the meantime, they do not know what to get done, they are excited to dig in the dirty nullah flowing there. Initial excavation, he did not feel anything, but after about a hundred feet excavation, he saw a huge statue of a statue.

When the idol was removed, this idol was nearly 3000 years old. It was the statue of King Ramsey Sec.