ये बच्ची आज बॉलीवुड में मचा रही तहलका, 3 मिनट के रोल के लिए लेती हैं लाख...

Today, in the cinema hall, tickets are sold only through its name. Alam is that he takes up to crores of rupees for just 3 minutes of songs in the films. If you still can not recognize it then tell you for your information that this girl, seen in the picture, is not any other but Bollywood's famous actress and dancer Sunny Leone.

Indeed, Sunny was first seen in the Big Boss Show in India. In the show itself, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt came to offer Sunny a 'Jism 2' for her daughter Pooja. After this movie, Sunny was completely hit in Bollywood. They started offering offers for many films one by one.

You would be surprised to know that Sunny is charging between two and three crores for any three to four minute dance in any film

In 2009, Sunny married a man named Daniel Webber. Today Sunny and Danielle are the parents of three children.