पेरेंट्स के साथ नहीं रहतीं 25 साल की आलिया भट्ट, मां ने बताई वजह

Alia Bhatt is at the peak today, in which the mother is the biggest role of Razdan. These days Ali has shifted to the new flat. On Mother's Day, Soni spoke about Aliya's personal life and childhood. They say ...

Ali is now apart from me. She has shifted to her house. I can understand the reason for this decision of Alia. He needed some privacy and space, which is not wrong. She has to do several meetings for her work. He has many friends, who come home. Being a mother, I do not want her privacy disturbable. The reason for this distance

Our relationship has become even better. Although drinking tea with him every morning ... fighting for hours ... I miss all of these things.