भारत की 130 करोड़ जनता थी धर्मेन्द्र जी के बहु के चेहरे से अंजान, देखकर च...

Dharmendra has joined Bollywood's Evergreen Actors and in his time, he had given a hit film more than that. Talk about Dharmendra's family life, he had also married a married before Hema Malini and before her The wife's name was P.Prakash Kaur.

Tell you the name of Bobby Deol's wife is Tanya Ahuja, who is very beautiful in appearance, but Tanya has been far away from the film world and she is a successful business woman.Tanya has a business of furniture and home decorators. He has the showroom called 'The Good Earth' and the big stars of Bollywood have clients of Tanya

Today, about 20 years have passed for Bobby Deol and Tanya's marriage, but rarely have you read or heard about Tanya Deol, but you will be surprised to know that the cand Bobby Deol is also not less interesting.