देने वाला जब भी देता देता छप्पर फाड़ के, देखिये...

Many people shrink nose and eyebrows while playing lottery in India, but many people are still interested in playing it today. Although lottery has been completely banned in India. But an Indian man has a lottery lot of 21 million. You might be thinking that the lottery is banned in the country, so how did this charisma happen?

Actually, this person bought this lottery ticket from Abu Dhabi International Airport. In the Big Ticket Lottery, Hari Krishnan, this person bought a lottery ticket for the third time, in which he got a bumper reward.

When the business developer wanted to give information about winning the reward by calling them and then Hari Krishnan, someone has mistakenly called him or it may be that someone is joking. Later, when he started calling the media on behalf of the media, he took it a little syrians. After this he asked his wife to check the name of the winner's lottery prize winner on the website. after this

There was no place for their happiness. Hari Krishnan, who lived in Kerala's Alappuzha, had won Rs 20.8 crore in one stroke