जानिए इस अनूठे संत के बारे में, जिन्हें मिलेगा पद्मश्री

The central government has announced Padma awards yesterday. 73 people will get Padma Shri in these awards. Among them, a saint has been chosen for the Padmashri, for which many wonderful things are famous about spirituality. We are talking about the saint Narayana Das Maharaj of Trivedi Dham

It is said that Narayan Das Maharaj had given his parents in the custody of Lord Das Maharaj at the age of six years. Narayandas used to serve his Guru day and night. He took initiation from Guru and took the service of God.

In the entire Rajasthan, the birth day of Saint Narayana Das ji Maharaj is celebrated in the Saptami of the Krishna side of Ashwini month ie today in the trienni dham. Narayan Das Maharaj had created Sanskrit University for the upliftment of Sanskrit and handed it over to the government.

A rumor spread a few months earlier, which spread the despair among devotees of Saint Narayandas. Expansion of the death of rumor Narayan Das Maharaj