बड़ी-बड़ी सेना नहीं हिला सकीं ये चट्टान, सामने आया इसके पीछे का सच

A few kilometers away from the city is the Achthandana mountain. There is such a mysterious rock on this mountain, which tried to move from the British to the army of Aurangzeb, but did not succeed. The thing to note is that the rock is rocked by the thumb of a devotee

The team reached the hill near the edge of the forest about 12 km from the city of Jhansi and met Mahant Ram Kumar Giri who stayed there after making his ashram.

With Mahanta and his other companions, we moved towards the mountain. On the way Mahant Ram Kumar Giri told us the story of the temple. He said, "Dutgagi Mata Temple is very ancient, it is said that many years ago, the river reached the mountain, showing its distant form. There was such a flood that nothing was left around."

- "One of the guards (the shepherd) had his son and 6-7 goats left, he was feeding goats under this mountain with the son. At the same time a rock was seen to the shepherd and the voice came ... pick me up and down on the hill When she went near, the mother appeared in her daughter's form. "