5 साल पहले किया वादा भूले तो, दाई मां ने किया ऐसा...

It is believed that superstar Salman Khan is sure of his promise. Many of his generosity in popularity are popular in Bollywood, but in his native place Indore his mother-in-law, 75, is still waiting for his promises to be fulfilled. Four years ago, for the promotion of a film, Indore came to Salman to talk about his granddaughter's responsibility to raise his granddaughter, but after returning to Mumbai, Salman has not turned back

Salman was born in Indore's Kalyammal Nursing Home. The father's home of his father Saleem is a few steps away from this hospital. Now Salim's elder brother Butwa Mian's son lives here. Salman's ancestral house has now taken the form of a five-storey multi.