इस होटल में ठहरते हैं सिर्फ मुर्दा, वजह चौंका देने वाली

There is also a hotel in the world where only dead people live. Anyone hearing this will be surprised. But you will be surprised at it

In fact, about 16 lakh people die every year. This is the reason that the bodies of people have been made to make money. This case has surfaced in Japan, where the dead are being kept in a corps of corpses. Not only this, rent is charged for it.

The name of this person who converted people's death into business is named Himasoshi Terramura. They are residents of Yokohama of Japan. Terramura has opened a hotel where only dead people are kept

Hysioshi Teramura was previously associated with the business of the graves and bodybuilding and last year he opened his hotel in front of a noodle shop in which only dead people were kept

Terra Mura's idea of ​​this business came because of the rising rate of mortality in Japan, and due to this, there are often crowds filled with people