ये तकनीक बेमिसाल, देखिए कैसे स्मॉग से बन रहे हीरे

These days, the screen of the smuggler in Delhi is shadow. Actually, as soon as the winters started the effect of the smug started. Something similar happened to Beijing's Beijing City. But there is a good project of Smug Free Project which will be stunned to know about it.

A Dutch artist is ready to start a smog-free project there. Dan RusGardi has prepared it. Actually, the precious diamond can also be made from smog. This project will work in two parts. The first 7 meter high towers will work to smuggle in. This towers will clean the polluted air inside

After this the cleaned air will be left on the parks, roads and markets through small towers. From which you got to breathe clean air. In the second part, carbon plates of the air cleared in large towers will be kept in half-hour pressure. After which it can be given the shape of a diamond. You might have read that diamond is a form of carbon.