ये हैं दुनिया का सबसे बदसूरत कुत्ता, जीत चुका..

Nowadays, you must have heard of dogs who are most loyal or are the most beautiful and powerful and unique, but today we are going to tell you about a dog who looks beautiful but not the most ugly.

Yes ... this dog has won the title of being the world's most ugly dog. It is strange that there are such competitions where such dogs also become the winners.

Let's say the contest took place in Petelluma, California on Friday, where a dog named Martha named the title of being the world's most ugly dog. The dog is told 3 years of age. Martha has won the prize for traveling $ 1,500, a trophy and New York.

Martha's mistress Shirley Gindler said, "I am proud that I need a zapi on this occasion," interviewing NBC News. And saying this, Shirley hugs her dog. Shirley looks very happy about this victory of her dog.