तो इस वजह से सचिन तेंदुलकर की पत्नी अंजली नहीं जाती थी स्टेडियम में मैच ...

Sachin revealed that his wife never participated in any of his matches. Well, with this question he has been asked many times and on many occasions. While the players of our cricketers often see the players' wives for their teams and their support, Sachin's wife Anjali has never been seen in the cricket ground.

Well, due to which Sachin revealed it is a bit superstitious. He remembered an incident when all the wives of other cricketers asked Anjali to present him at the stadium and he refused to say that he was superstition. Apart from this, Sachin himself did not like his family to come to the stadium because he was distracted by his meditation. He said that Anjali told him that he does not want to come

Sachin Tendulkar revealed that this match was a Boxing Day Test match. Brett Lee was bowling and Sachin 'got out' on the first ball. It was the moment when Anjali stood in the ground and suddenly had to leave the stadium. Then Anjali did not join any of my matches after that day. However, he had reached the stadium during Sachin's last Test match.