दुबई में लावारिस मिलने वाली हजारों महंगी कारों का सच

Many times, buying luxury cars is like a dream for us, but in Dubai, for the past few years you will be surprised by knowing this is happening. Here the world's most expensive cars are found here like unclaimed junk. In the last few years, thousands of unclaimed cars were found in the billions of crores

 Over the last few years, Dubai Police has registered more than three thousand cases of unclaimed cars. 23 cars were the most expensive in the world. Most of these cars are found at the airport here.

- After one such thousands of cases came to light, it came to know that the reason behind getting unclaimed of such cars is Dubai Shariah. According to this law, if you take a car on check or loan and the check bounces, then you have to go to jail.